Healing the Wounds of Transgender Wars at the VA Hospital in Tucson

Sue McConnell says the Tucson VA has become a refuge in a nation that's up in arms about her very existence.

Phoenix New Times, October 5, 2017 cover story


Andrea Martinez Says ICE Agents Pushed Her Down — But That’s Not Why She Wants Justice

An interview with a lawyer who used a broken foot to speak out about about family separation.


Death Is Inevitable. His Job Is to Help You Go in Peace.

Hiring a death doula can make you feel kinda okay about dying.


Pam Bondi Says Donald Trump Will Make a Great President and Defends Her Anderson Cooper Interview

Florida AG Pam Bondi thinks the Anderson Cooper interview about LGBT equality after Orlando shooting was unfair, and explains why she thinks Trump will make a great president.


Noura Hussein’s Sentence For Killing The Husband She Says Raped Her Has Been Reduced

The courts have decided the fate of Noura Hussein.


I Went on Tinder at Every Presidential Candidate's Rally — Here's What I Found

Pro tip: Hit up Rubio rallies if you're looking for hot action.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 6.17.14 PM.png

Here's How to Pack Your Farmers' Market Bag So Nothing Gets Smooshed

Ever come home from the farmers’ market to find half your haul is totally smooshed? That’s why we brought in Genevieve Walk, consultant and head judge of the National Grocers Association’s Best Bagger Championship, to share her strategies for stacking your food just right.

Rachel Ray Every Day, July/August 2018 print issue